The whale season is a popular and widely recognized period among tourists from all over the world. if one is planning to holiday in the Hawaiian Islands, one must consider the whale season, which ranges from December to May. This is the Best time to go whale watching in Hawaii and thousands of Humpback whales arrive on the island.

Adventurous Hawaiian visit

The intensity of activity in the water and the show that the whales put up leave the spectators in awe. It is arguably the best time to visit Hawaii and indulge in several adrenaline-rush activities along with the whale watching session. One can enjoy the whale show on a kayak, a boat, or from the shores. It is suggested that one must be camera-ready to capture the vivid whales splashing water and entertaining people.

Whale watching via boat tour

One of the easiest methods to watch the spectacular whales dancing and splashing water is taking a boat tour. Several tour agencies function and offer boat tours for local and international tourists. The boat tour allows the tourists to watch humpback whales close by. Such boat tours last for almost half a day and can cost from $80 to $100 per individual.

Experiencing other sea animals

The period from December to May is no doubt the best time to go whale watching in Hawaii. Apart from the humpback whales, one can also see dolphins, turtles, and even sharks in some instances. It is a bonus for the tourists who pay for the boat ride to see the whales but end up watching so many other fascinating sea animals.

Different styles of boats

Several agencies are competing, especially along the Kona Coast, and offering private whale watching. The boat tours are offered only during the peak whale season and their price can vary significantly. Thus, tourists need to grab hold of the tour agency that offers the most cost-effective deals. The difference is usually because of the type and the size of the boat used. It can range from raft-styled boats, cabin cruisers, catamarans, pontoon-styled boars, inflatable raft boats, and so on.

Tours on small boats

A lot of tourists enjoy whale watching in Hawaii by taking the small, zodiac-styled boats. When individuals hire smaller boats the chance of getting wet and experiencing more wind is more. But the advantage is that people are closer to the water, which also means the whale watching experience is also close by.

This close by watching whales and enjoying the splashing of seawater seems to be preferred by a lot of people. While undertaking the zodiac speed boat ride, certain restrictions need to be considered. The small boat tour is meant only for individuals between the ages of that six to fifty. Furthermore, there is a strict restriction that pregnant women and people with neck and back problems cannot take the boat ride.

Tour on larger boats

Undertaking the whale watching session through larger boats like catamaran or pontoon-type boats is more expensive than the small boats. This is mainly such large boats have facilities like washrooms, and even bars to enjoy favorite beverages. Furthermore, one can also enjoy the amenities like a whale cam, and hydrophones that help to listen to the whales minutely. When visiting the best time to go whale watching in Hawaii a lot of people prefer investing in larger boats for the wide array of amenities provided.

Whale watching from the shore

An individual can witness humpback whales from the Big Island shore during the winter months, which is also the whale watching season. To enjoy the shoreline whale watching, three aspects need to be considered:

  •   A good location for watching humpback whales
  •   Patience
  •   Luck

When one notices big spouts and splashes of water from the ocean, it is a notification that there is a presence of whales. The activity in the ocean occurs because the whale breaths in and out, and this is visible from large distances. It is recommended to keep one’s eyes on the spot so that more whales in action can be noticed.


Watching humpback whales entertaining spectators is a memorable experience. People visit during the wintertime because it is the best time to go whale watching in Hawaii. The best part is that there are several ways to watch and enjoy the whales on the ocean.