South Indian snacks are popular across all Indian states. Down south the cuisine boasts of diversity and uniqueness. Ranging from comforting to outrageously spicy, you have a heady concoction of typical flavours here. And the options are not limited to Idli dosa and vada alone. When you come to Chennai, you will come across many more interesting snacking items that you may feel like carrying back with you on your Chennai to Kolkata flight. Here are five snacking items to pack for yourself as you leave.

Chukkappam: Although its origins lie in Kanyakumari, Chukkappam is quite easily available in Chennai. It is made from spiced dough that contains coconut milk along with a plethora of spices including fennel powder, chili powder, garam masala, and curry leaves for that characteristic flavour. The dough is divided into small button-shaped portions and fried to crunchy perfection. Chukkappam is a must carry on your Chennai to Cochin flight home because it goes ragingly well with spicy Kerala-style fried chicken that Cochin is so famous for!

Omapodi: Omapodi is another tantalizing snack that is ideal for trips. It is much like the more popular namkeen sev; however, the spices used are different. Whereas sev does not contain too many spices apart from salt, pepper, and chili powder, Omapodi contains omam or ajwain. You can either munch on it directly or use it to make a tangy chat with your choice of chutneys and yogurt.

Sundal: If fried snacks are not your preferred thing, Sundal could be the perfect alternative. No trip to a Chennai beach is complete without digging into this comforting snack. Sundal is made from boiled chickpeas which are sautéed in coconut oil with mustard tempering, shredded coconut, some spices, and curry leaves. It is typically served in paper cones by the beachside and is best accompanied with steaming filter coffee! The snack is ideal for packing in a protein punch on your flight back home.

Puttu: Traditionally eaten for breakfast, puttu is a steamed preparation where ground rice in a cylindrical shape is steamed and served with either sweet or spicy chutney. Some of these cylinders may even have sweet or savoury stuffing inside. If Chennai is your mid-morning stopover en route to the Andamans, you can pack some puttu for your breakfast on the Chennai to Port Blair flight. Rich in carbohydrates, puttu makes for a great start to the day.

Banana Chips: While in Chennai, the aroma of freshly fried banana chips is something you cannot miss. Whereas banana chips are a popular snack available in packaged form all across the country, the authentic flavours available in Chennai are to die for. You must ask around for the best places to buy from and tuck in quite a few packets for your return journey. They are perfect mementos for your foodie friends back home too. For those not keen on fried ones, roasted variants are also available.

Buying some packets of Chennai murukku is also a great idea. You may even bring home some of the traditional dry spices and chutney powders available at the local markets there.