Whether you are a novice or an expert, or if you prefer rock climbing or bouldering, there is always something to do in the UK. You may also need to learn how to lead climb, which means being the first one up the rock, attaching the rope to fixed bolts as you climb.

If you are interested in learning how to lead climb, you can practice on indoor walls – some may even have classes on the subject. Avoid these outdoor climbing routes if you are not confident in your lead climbing abilities. As a safety precaution, bring a guide or an experienced climber with you.

In that context, below are some of the top rock climbing in UK:

  • Trevor Rocks, North Wales: This disused limestone quarry can be found overlooking the breath-taking Upper Dee Valley near Llangollen and boasts over 150 routes with incredible views over the ruins of Dinas Bran Castle. Bird-lovers should still be on the lookout for falcons nesting occasionally on the left side of the escarpment. The wide sweeping views mean that this area can feel a little exposed, so choose a warm, calm day to climb. Moreover, parking can be found on a hairpin bend on the Panorama Drive above Llangollen.
  • Valley Of The Rocks, North Devon: Running alongside the picturesque North Devon coast, this is a dry valley offering a wide range of climbing and bouldering opportunities. The area’s crowning jewel is the epic Castle Rock, which is suitable for all abilities – as long as you feel confident enough for the abseil back down. There is a car park which is well signposted from the village of Lynton.
  • Dancing Ledge, Dorset: This aptly named crag is ideal for non-tidal climbing near the sea and can be found a few miles from the village of Langton Matravers, on Dorset’s Swanage Coast. There are about 100 routes to choose from – although be wary as some of the easiest routes have become polished from years of use and may be trickier than they first appear. Ideal for a summer’s day, there is even a tidal pool blasted into the rock where you can cool down after a tough afternoon on the rocks.
  • Castleberg Crag, Yorkshire: This relatively new climbing location was unknown to climbers until 2009 when a rockfall brought attention to the crag. An abundance of climbing opportunities opened up when the crag was restored and transformed into an ideally positioned climbing area, funded by the local council. In a fun twist, local shops were also given the opportunity to buy route names. You can park in the Yorkshire town of Settle, from where it is a short walk to the climbing area.
  • Horseshoe Quarry, Derbyshire: This is another disused limestone quarry that offers a range of lower to mid-grade sport climbing ideally located in the heart of the Peak District. The area has many excellent routes available, and the area’s sheltered aspect makes it a great choice for colder days or evenings. The easiest routes can be found on the upper tier, and you can park in the small car park just off the A623.

To Conclude

Transitioning from indoor climbing to these outdoor climbing routes for beginners will mean you will need to upgrade your kit to cope better with the environment. With Beyonk, you can find hundreds of the best experience providers nationwide and come back with the best quote, making it easy for you to make the most of your spare time. Get in touch with us to learn more!