Every winter, around 90 million people globally enjoy skiing, and most of them prefer a Japan ski resort more than anywhere else.

For most enthusiasts, skiing outdoors is one of the best activities you can consider. But if you have any doubts, here are some of the reasons to convince you otherwise:

1.     Burn Calories

Skiing is a perfect cardiovascular exercise, which may help your family burn some calories and even lose weight.

The number of calories to burn per hour depends on proficiency and weight. Though according to Harvard Medical experts, an individual who is around 186 pounds can burn 265 calories within 30 minutes of skiing.

Beginners may also burn extra calories by walking up the slope instead of using a ski lift. But advanced skiers will burn more calories when skiing on a steeper slope because their bodies will have to work harder to maintain a balance.

2.     Make Skiers Happier

There is scientific proof that nature makes people happy. Going outside when you should otherwise stay inside is a great reason to consider going skiing this winter.

In fact, some studies show that being outside just for 20 minutes will reduce cortisol level, a stress hormone that eventually increases cognitive performance.

3.     Have Fun

According to Club Med, skiing is basically an adrenaline ability at every ability level. If you are just a starter, putting on your skis for the first time might be a fun challenge itself.

However, as you progress and be a good skier, the challenges may continue growing with you. Overcoming those challenges can be as fun as that turn you made on a green slope for the first time.

Even then, going back to visit the blue and green runs can still be a great joy. As a matter of fact, you may ski those runs with more ability and the experience of gaining control.

4.     Challenge Yourself More

The old adage that if something doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you. The beauty of skiing is that each day will be different in the mountains.

Skiing is one activity that will force you to get out of your comfort zone by trying new tricks and fresh runs.

Among the coolest rewards of taking part in skiing is that when you grow your confidence on the slope, you will transfer the same confidence to other aspects of your life.

5.     Skiing is Faster and Can Take You Higher

This is not just an assumption to put oil on the fire. It is scientifically proven that there are better aerodynamics, more opportunities to gain speed, and less friction.

This is true as the highest speed ever recorded is around 250km/h. Basically, this speed allows every skier at a resort ski Japan to perform impressive and high jumps.

6.     Enjoy an Après Ski Night Out

If you have ever thought that your last holiday was messy, then you have never experienced a great Après ski night out.

The party will start from the time the slope closes, giving you a chance to make friends and warm up with mulled wine at a resort.

7.     Improve Balance and Strengthen Core Muscles

Without having a strong core and good balance, skiing becomes nearly impossible. The deep core muscles that are required to help you balance, including pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles, are important stabilizers, and all of them get a good workout when skiing.

A great health benefit of skiing is that when you work on deep core stabilization, you will support your entire system, including your digestion, breathing, and posture.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles also supports the internal organs, and it becomes more beneficial to your entire body.

8.     Bond in a Special Way

You are certain that you will get an opportunity to bond with your whole family when you go skiing together. Among the major reasons for taking a trip with your family is to get to spend some time together.

It might be challenging to enjoy some quality time with your family in most situations, making skiing adventure a vital activity for most.

It will also be exciting to spend with your family for one week or so as you may bond more than on other kinds of breaks.

9.     World-Class Facilities

If the snow is not enough reason to visit a ski resort, world-class facilities will be. With many resorts established for skiing reasons, accommodations are a must for skiers.

Plus, the majority of estates are completely pedestrianized, and there is a range of restaurants, all catering for every budget and taste.

Everything around ski areas is also patrolled and made safer when it comes to the off-piste. Provided the powder bowel or tree run within the rope boundary, be sure to ski where you wish.

10. Almost Free

Skiing is almost free after the first gear expense if you have cross-country poles, boots, and skis. Unlike skiing downhill, cross-country doesn’t need lift tickets that might be a bigger expense for several hours of powder.

Renting a cross-country is normally inexpensive. The cost depends on where you get your gear and where you are. For instance, at an independent store, a cross-country pole, ski, or boot rental can only cost around $20 for the whole day.

11. Improve Flexibility

The art of engaging and balancing the core during skiing will make your body more flexible while reducing muscle sprains and strains.

Because you will need to change directions swiftly and frequently, skiing will improve your flexibility tremendously.

Similar to other sports, it is advisable to develop a stretching habit before going to the mountain and after reducing the chances of getting an injury.

The Bottom Line!

The picture of old-age pensioners circling around odd trains on a skinny ski will come to your mind, especially when you’re new to skiing.

So why are people bothered with this seemingly dull sport? 

Well, you may see toned, wiry, and lean skin-tight-lycra-clad athletes skating trails with a dog in tow, but when it comes to skiing, you will not have the similar rebellious fad factor.