Sydney, Australia. A lovely metropolis full of wondrous sights, excellent views, and countless restaurants and nightlife. It is a popular travel destination for many, and it’s easy to see why—from the beautiful beaches to the stunning sights, it has so much to offer to all types of travellers. Read on to find out some great things to do during the wintertime.

Visit the Opera House

It wouldn’t be a true trip to Sydney without a visit to the Sydney Opera House. While it is popular to go catch a show inside, it isn’t necessary to actually visit the building. The unique architecture is a favourite for photographers, and it is often lit up brilliantly at night. A small bar and restaurant are just outside the Sydney Opera House, where you can sip wine and nibble on a few light bites while taking in the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Explore the Harbour

Sydney has some amazing places, but one of the most popular is Sydney Harbour. You can walk along the many shops in the Quay, have a glass of wine against the water, view the Harbour Bridge, and so much more. For those that want to brave the waters, whale watching in Sydney is very popular from May to November, as thousands of humpback whales can be seen. The Sydney Harbour Bridge can also be better explored by taking a boat, or even climbing up to the top—but in the winter, that might make for a very cold trip indeed!

Stroll Through the Rocks

No, not actual rocks. This neighbourhood gets its name from the sandstone rocks lining the Sydney Harbour. It boasts windy cobblestone streets as well as quaint buildings from the 19th century. The location is convenient, and you could easily spend a few hours strolling the streets. On the weekends, you’ll find an arts and crafts market, and for the foodies, there’s a great market on Friday. The architecture is beautiful and showcases a great area in Sydney. Make sure to nip into the local bars for a quick warm up of mulled wine or cider!

Australia is usually well-known for its beaches, which makes it a favourite for the summertime. However, the winter can provide some amazing views and activities, so be sure to make it a top destination for your next winter trip.