You have just turned 18, and you are ready to plan your first trip with your college friends. Young adults under the age of 21 often don’t think much before deciding on a vacation, but it is best to avoid a few common mistakes. In this guide, we are sharing 7 tips that may come in handy.

  • Check for hotels in advance. In many states, the minimum age for hotels is 21+. This could be a bummer, but the good news is there are many hotels that are open to adults between the age of 18 and 21. You can check for websites that have listings of such hotels, and you can get bookings done in advance.
  • Take advice. Don’t be hesitant to take advice on planning your first trip. Eventually, you would want the best value for your money, no matter whether you are traveling to the state next, or are planning a long, extended drive. Ensure that you take tips from people who have been to the destination.
  • Start saving. You may actually end up spending a lot more than you had imagined, and that’s not something nice on a trip. If you have made a budget, start saving at least 20% of it additionally, so that you can spend on extras, shopping or anything else that you may want during the trip.
  • Go with a gang you can trust. Your first trip in college in going to be a memorable one, and you would want to go with friends who are worth your trust. Make sure that you don’t make a big group for the sake of it.

  • Divide the tasks. From booking tickets and flights, to deciding on the itinerary and finding hotels, there are many things to consider and decide upon, and it is best to divide the tasks. Allow one person to decide on one aspect, so that you can together discuss things.
  • Keep it short. Since this is your first trip, you may want to limit the duration to a week or less. This just allows you to understand if the vacation is what you expected, and more importantly, if these friends are worth longer trips in the future. Also, if you run out of money, you can expect to avoid emergencies.
  • Have your emergency kit. You never know what situation you may end up in, and even if you are heading to a rather safe place, keep a few things in your bag at all times. A first aid kit, basic medicines, a knife, glue, basic pair of extra clothes – these are just some extras worth saving in your lazy backpack.

Lastly, have fun. Sometimes, extensive planning can kill the excitement. You may want to go with the flow about certain things, such as sightseeing, but for hotels and flights, advance booking is the best way to save money and get genuine deals. Ensure that you have all the essentials need for a specific trip, depending on the destination.