No matter if you’re an international student in Taiwan or just visiting with a friend, there are plenty of ways to explore this stunning country.

You can choose to visit many of China’s top attractions or simply immerse yourself in its culture. No matter which route you take, you are sure to leave with unforgettable experiences and lifelong friends. And make sure to take advantage of the student flights offer coming from Cathay Pacific.

Taking a Gap Year

Gap years are a popular way for students to step away from the demands of high school and focus on themselves and their future. Not only that, but taking such an opportunity also provides them with an opportunity to develop new skills, discover more about themselves, and explore career options.

Gap years can be structured or unstructured, depending on your goals and intentions. A well-thought out gap year plan can allow for exploration of interests, language acquisition, travel the world and leadership development through volunteering. Not only that but it will help prepare you academically for college life while giving you a unique experience to remember forever.

Many schools allow gap years if you defer admissions decisions or reapply for the following year. It is essential to be careful with these options and do your research as each school has different requirements.

When considering taking a gap year, it is essential to plan ahead and thoughtfully. Doing so will enable you to fit it into your schedule without missing classes or losing academic momentum.

You must also factor in the cost of your gap year and ensure you can afford it, as well as any flights, visas, accommodation, insurance and vaccinations required. There are plenty of websites, forums and social media pages offering more advice and information on this topic; so make sure you take time to do some research first.

While on your gap year, try and incorporate activities that will add value to your CV. Whether this includes learning a language, developing expertise in your field, or doing volunteer work, these are excellent ways to hone skills and demonstrate potential employers that you possess an array of experiences.

Some students choose to travel during their gap year, either alone or with friends. This can be an exciting way to see the world and many student travel websites provide advice and assistance with finding budget accommodation in various countries.

Teaching English

Are you interested in taking your teaching career to the next level and working with children? Taiwan is an ideal destination. There are plenty of opportunities for teaching English to students aged 4-15 years old.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to become involved in all aspects of a classroom setting, from planning lessons and setting up activities, to preparing materials and administering tests and grading papers. It’s an invaluable chance for you to gain invaluable experience working with young children while honing your teaching skills and developing confidence at the same time.

Taipei is one of the most sought-after teaching destinations in Taiwan, boasting both urban and tropical atmosphere. There are plenty of job openings for ESL teachers here as well as an active expat community where you can connect with other foreigners and form new friendships.

Taiwanese teachers enjoy high salaries that can be extremely rewarding, particularly those with a bachelor’s degree or more and TEFL certification. A year-end bonus and prep work stipend are commonplace, along with vacation and travel benefits.

The great thing about working from home is that many online teaching companies cater specifically to Taiwanese students and are always on the lookout for native English speakers to fill their vacancies.

If you are a certified teacher from your home country, then you can become employed full-time as an English teacher at public schools in Taiwan. You have the option of teaching elementary or middle school students, or with experience may even be eligible for high school positions.

Another possibility is working at a training center, which are often attended by both children and adults seeking to improve their English language abilities. At these establishments, there will usually be an English teacher working alongside local staff members in order to assist students with improving their speaking, reading and writing abilities.

Working as an English teacher in Taiwan carries certain requirements, and if you don’t meet them, finding a teaching position could prove challenging. Some of these requirements include having a four-year degree, TEFL certification, and clearance from your home country.


If you’re planning a gap year or simply want to explore Taiwan on a budget, there are plenty of ways for students to see and experience this stunning island. Programs exist that will cover expenses like flights or accommodations for you.

If you’re on a tight budget, taking the train from city to city is an affordable and convenient option! Taiwan’s public transportation system is user-friendly with trains running throughout the country. Plus, it’s clean and well-organized – making it ideal even if you don’t speak Chinese fluently!

Another budget-friendly option is visiting Taiwan’s national parks. These destinations are a must-visit for anyone taking a backpacking adventure around Taiwan, especially those interested in hiking and camping.

Shei-Pa National Park boasts the majestic Hsuehshan and Dabajian mountains, as well as numerous hiking trails, camping areas, and hot springs. It’s the perfect place to spend a few days camping or hiking, or even enjoy a peaceful picnic on top of one of its many peaks.

Taitung’s beaches are another hidden treasure, boasting white sands and clear waters. This is an ideal spot to unwind, take a stroll down memory lane, and get to know some locals while savoring the sunshine.

Taitung offers backpackers a lot more than just beaches. It is home to numerous small indigenous villages that remain undeveloped by mass tourism and boast plenty of good surf conditions as well as delicious beer and fresh seafood dishes. Not only that, but Taitung also boasts plenty of affordable accommodation options too!

Taitung offers some spectacular night markets where you can people watch and sample Taiwan’s legendary street food. From stinky tofu to basil seed bubble milk tea, xiao long bao soup dumplings to bizarre shaved ice jelly things – there is something for everyone at these unique establishments!

If scuba diving is your passion, Green Island is an ideal destination. It’s not as big as some of the other islands nearby, so exploring it on foot or scooter and visiting each village takes only a few days.


Volunteering in Taiwan offers you a unique chance to become fully immersed in the local culture and lifestyle as a Taiwanese. There are plenty of volunteering options available in Taiwan for all interests and budgets.

In addition to CIEE study abroad programs, many YMCA, United Planet and local organisations provide volunteering placements for various lengths of time. These can range from one week up to a year.

GVI Thailand offers a one-week volunteer program with program fees starting at $1,9240; six-week volunteer internships starting from $3,795. You’ll have the chance to work on community development projects, teach English classes or help protect beaches throughout Thailand’s island.

This is an exceptional chance to explore Taiwan’s vibrant modern city and take in its stunning natural splendor. You’ll stay in a shared house, giving yourself plenty of time to explore local attractions as well as work on your volunteer project.

Kaohsiung, located along Taiwan’s coastline, is a bustling city with vibrant cultural traditions. Although classified as an urban hub, its ancient heritage can still be felt within its streets and temples.

Taiwanese people embrace both tradition and modernity. They take great pride in preserving their heritage while upholding democratic political systems, free press outlets and uncensored internet access.

If you are searching for a volunteer placement in this region, consider the opportunities with the YMCA and International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE). These organizations have been running projects for many years and offer an encouraging atmosphere where volunteers can learn about local cultures while contributing to school or other community-based initiatives.

Additionally, you can volunteer on a short term summer placement with STEP where you’ll work directly with students and teachers from disadvantaged communities. This is an incredible way to make a difference in someone’s life as well as develop your teaching skillset.