The idea of expensive International travel/flight has long gone. But, it requires planning if you want to have a budget-friendly international trip. Here are some tips on how to budget your next international travel.

Long flight charges, hotel expense, and the food amount together increase your tour’s overall cost. It makes the trip more expensive than you have thought it to be. However, budgeting for it in advance can help you bring down the overall cost of your trip. Keep reading to know about them in detail.

5 Tips to Budget Your International Travel –

  1. Limit your Advance Booking on Activities and Local Tours: Try not to pre-book each activity you plan to do at your destination place. There are chances of bargaining when you pay them with the local currency. Hence, reach the place first and then plan your trip according to the time and situation. However, on the flip side, you can opt for planned tours or group tours where the entire vacation is prepaid. They take care of all the activities and plan your itinerary whilst you enjoy your vacation.
  2. Meal and Lodging Expenses: Hotels and meals can be a big part of your travel budget and need proper planning. When booking a hotel, look for reviews before zeroing on the hotel of your choice. While booking a hotel and meals, there are a couple of options to be considered.
    1. Hotel + Buffet Breakfast – This is a great option if you wish to go out of the hotel every day for an excursion
    2. Hotel + Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner – This is good for those who wish to go out every day but not for too long. While it can increase your prices, it surely adds to the convenience.
    3. Hotel +  3 Meals – This is great if you’re booking a resort in a remote location where there is nothing else to do apart from spending your time at the resort. This might be the most expensive option but adds to your convenience.

When choosing a hotel, you can either opt to stay in the city or in the outskirts. Both have their pros and cons. While a city hotel will offer easier connectivity, a hotel in the outskirts can be a great option for the nature lovers looking for a quieter place to stay.

  1. Opt for Public Transport: Public transport cost a lot lesser than a private cab. Also, it provides an opportunity to interact with the local people and other tourists, and provide a better scenic view. However, check the guidelines issued by your country for the country you are visiting. If you’re travelling to a country, which is not considered safe, resort to cab transport.
  2. Airfare: The price of air tickets plays a major role in balancing your budget. Use a portal that shows you a wide variety of options. Explore all the options available over the internet first and then book your tickets, maybe on weekdays or in the off-season to get the best price.

Don’t forget to accumulate miles on your flight bookings. Miles are usually higher on international flights and can help you bring down the cost of your travel considerably. And if you have enough miles already accumulated, you can use them against future flight bookings or for other benefits as well. Moreover, some loyalty programs also let you earn miles on hotel bookings, cab rentals, and even dining out. If you’re not yet part of such a program, joining one can save you a lot of money on your international travel.

Another option is to book a round trip. For instance, if you are booking a round trip from Bangalore to Dubai flightthe prices will be less, and the chances of getting discounts are high.

  1. Visa Costs – Another key component when travelling abroad are visa costs. Make sure you check the visa requirements and apply for the right visa. Most countries have different types of tourist visas depending on the duration of your stay and other factors. Look for one that best suits you.

Plan your next International trip at a low cost now by following the tips and tricks mentioned above. However, keep in mind that safety and comfort should be most important, especially when travelling to an international country.