Many first timers on boating adventures don’t know where to start their preparations form. If you are one of those, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that will ensure a safe trip for you.

Boating adventure dos and don’ts


  • Choosing a calmer waterbody

If you are going boating for the first time, it is better to choose the waterbody wisely. You do not want to go on a rough and harsh waterbody where there are several jerks and even unpredictable weather conditions. This is especially true if you are going on the boat with underage children. Larger water bodies with fast moving water can cause more anxiety for first timers, and even cause greater extent of motion sickness. That is why, sticking to a smaller more calmer waterbody is the smart choice.

  • Sun protection

No matter where you are and what weather it is, you cannot escape the sun when out on a water body. There will be a time where the sun will be on top of your heads, melting you down. You don’t want to end up with a migraine and an unwanted sunburn on your first boating adventure.

Sun protection is a must on boating adventures. Firstly, use a 30 SPF or more sunscreen on your body. If you have kids with you, use sunscreen on them as well. Next, do carry a beach hat with you. These are protective, comfortable, and will let you have some trendy and creative pictures too! Last, but not least, take sunglasses with you. These can help you maintain a good vision without squinting your eyes and putting too much strain on the muscle.

  • Snacks and food

Even with all the safety precautions and the anxiety of being out on a water body, everybody is going to get hungry on the boat. Pack a backpack or even a storage bag that you can carry with all the snacks in. Chips, biscuits, candies, baked goods, dry fruits and fruits all make a great choice of snacks to have on your boating trip. You can also carry a cooler with you and have some of your favorite drinks. Most importantly, don’t forget to carry a load of drinking water!

  • Safety preparations

Of course, when out cruising away from land, safety is a major concern for everyone. However, safety preparations do not only mean things to do or not to do during your adventure; there are some preparations you must make beforehand.

Firstly, make sure that with all your other essentials items, you have not forgotten to pack your safety first aid kits. Don’t leave this preparation to the last hour, and have a first aid kit ready to go before the day of boating. The kit should include all the essentials, with one specific addition. Carry extra motion sickness bands with you. These bands help target pressure points that can cause motion sickness. Anyone on the boat can experience it, and if someone is travelling for the first time, they are more likely.

Next, don’t forget your safety equipment. It is needless to say that you must not get on the boat without everyone onboard wearing a life jacket, and a few extras as well. There are other types of personal floating devices as well, such as floating rings. Carrying them is your choice, but always an important decision to make. Fire extinguishers and bells/horns are also a must-have. There are other technical safety equipment such as visual distress signal, ventilation ducts, vessel lights, and so on that you could think about.

  • Bring a warm layer

You might be going on the adventure during summers, but even then some times of the day, such as during night time or sunset, the weather can get slightly chilly. Carry a light, warm layer with you. A fleece shawl, jacket, or a sweater can be enough. During winters, don’t be shy to carry loads of warm layers since you don’t want to fall sick!


  • Don’t forget the legalities

You must be all excited and hyped up about the adventure, but don’t let it overshadow the importance of legal documentations and requirements! You, along with the people accompanying you should have their legal IDs with them when they get onboard. Moreover, whoever is going to drive or be the co-captain should have a license with them. If you are going to indulge yourself in some fishing activity, make sure you not only have the permission but are also carrying a legal document for it. You must also be aware of the fishing laws in the area, so that you don’t cause any trouble for yourself or the locals around there.

  • Slippery shoes

The way you dress up when going on a boat is crucial. Avoid wearing slippers or shoes of any sort that are slippery. Make sure to wear shoes with good grip. Also, avoid wearing heels, sneakers and expensive shoes like loafers. Plastic or rubber slippers and flipflops are an excellent choice for boating.

  • Don’t carry valuable items loosely

Don’t carry your legal documents, phones, chargers, any other gadget, your money and credit cards loosely in bags or pockets. Carry them in waterproof bags, such as a zip lock back or a plastic file. It is essential to keep these items protected from water and accidents.

  • Jewelry and accessories

Yes, we all want to dress up on our boating adventure and get some nice clicks of ourselves, but it is vital to remain safe and not regret losing your favorite pair of earrings later. Avoid wearing any valuable jewelry because not only it might fall into water and make you upset, but it can also be hazardous to the marine animals. Watches, rings, and necklaces are also vulnerable to harm during boating.

  • Expensive clothing items

Keep your designer clothes and expensive pair of shoes in a cupboard when going for a boating experience or you will end up spending time worrying about saving these clothes from damage the whole time. Give yourself the peace of mind and dress up casually. Preferably wear shorts, flipflops, trousers, casual shirts and t-shirts. Blouses, tank tops and beach dresses are also a good option.


You are now all set to get on that boat and click some memorable pictures for your next Instagram post. Use AT&T new services to have steady and fast internet connections everywhere in the country! Make sure to use checklists for safety equipment and food and snacks. Your clothing will determine how easy going and fun you will be on the boat, so make wise decisions! Once you are done with all the preparations, you can guarantee yourself that the adventure will be safe and fun!