Swimming is known to be a sport as well as used to refresh one’s mind, body, and soul. Many people tend to learn swimming from a very young age and for those who don’t, it’s never too late to learn. Swimming allows you to go at your own pace and enjoy the water.

Swimming can be therapeutic for both physical and mental health. When you are swimming in cold water, various signals are sent to your nervous system indicating to your brain how cold your body temperature is. This makes your brain focus on your body parts being cold and not think about anything else, this allows you to feel refreshed mentally.

Meditative swimming

Swimming, like meditation, requires you to fully focus on the action or a certain thought process which makes you forget about any additional stress or worries. Many people find it thrilling to swim with sea animals, the idea of being amongst creatures and experiencing marine life closely can also make you let go of anything else on your mind.

While swimming in cold water can help you relieve your stress it also helps your heart to pump better. The whole exercise of swimming makes your heart pump better and gives better blood flow to all your organs. It helps with overall circulation and also helps in filtering blood through every capillary, artery, and vein.

There is a famous Montague Island near the small town of Narooma in Australia which offers the experience of swimming with the wildlife of the sea. There are different kinds of swimming with sea creatures such as swimming with dolphins, snorkelling, or Narooma seal swimming is also an exciting option.

The Happy Hormone

Most often you’ll hear how people who swim in the winters, find a feeling that resembles a natural high or elevated feeling, this is primarily because of endorphins.

Endorphins are known as our body’s natural pain killer and when you find yourself in cold water, endorphins sting away from the cold from your skin which helps you experience a new kind of joy and thrill. Endorphins are also known as the “happy” hormone which leaves you feeling happy and excited.

Swimming in the ocean can sound scary to some people, and they prefer swimming in pools. However, people who experience swimming in the great-wide ocean with its entire sea creatures are known to feel more relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Swimming helps your body and soul relieve any stress or anxiety and even helps you sleep better at night.